Out of Love: A Romance in Reverse

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Hazel Hayes tells the story of a relationship’s bittersweet highs and lows with a twist. Out of Love follows our unnamed female character backwards through time starting with the breakup of her boyfriend and ending with the very hopeful first kiss. When I first found this book I was scrolling through Instagram (as you do) and found out Dodie, one of my favorite musicians, was Hazel ’s roommate. I went to her Instagram page and just fell in love with this Irish author. After a follow, I quickly went over to where her book was being sold and preordered a copy. 

When I eventually got my book I dived right in and could not put it down. It was extremely captivating and you could really feel the anxiety, pain, joy and growth that this relationship caused. The way the book jumps back in time and the overall execution of this incredible idea was done perfectly. I never felt confused or lost in the story, but that I was exploring someone’s past in a private and beautiful way. 

I think one of my favorite chapters that captures this is when the main character and her best friend, Maya are discussing an event that happened earlier in the week. The way they jumped back and forth in the story and how every once in a while you would get an interruption from Maya was exactly how that conversation would have happened with me and my best friend. I think the overall aspect I loved the most was how real this story felt. I could understand where the character was coming from from my own experiences and it honestly almost felt as if I was just a friend being told this small story from someone’s life. 

I do need to disclose that it does cover a lot of her personal journey of working through her past abuse of a former relationship towards the end of the novel so if that is something that would cause you some pain I would go ahead and choose another book to read, but the way she writes about her journey with therapy and that past relationship is another very inspiring part of this novel. 

Now for my overall recommendation I would have to give this book five out of five stars! It’s such a moving and well-written novel and I also have already started rereading it for the second time! Please let me know of some books that you have loved or if you have already read this book. I would love to read some of your thoughts below. I hope you all have a good week and I see you for the next review!

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