Ways to Help with Covid and Holiday Anxiety

If you are anything like me the past couple months have been filled with anxiety. Anxiety over Covid, the election, and just the everyday to-do has at least made me very exhausted over the past couple weeks and now with the Holiday season just around the corner I’ve started stressing over how to be safe for family. To help cope with this I’ve begun doing a couple things everyday that help me find the moments of calm in my life. 

  1. Gratitude Journal 

Fitting for November I’ve started keeping a daily gratitude journal. Now I’ve tried to do this before, but it usually ends in a completely blank journal with two days worth of notes. This time around I’ve been keeping all of my grateful notes on the notes app and that has been a lot more successful! Doing this daily has really helped me find the small victories in my day to day life which has made me feel more normalized during this time. It also has helped me look at my day more positively because I am now focused on the things I can be grateful for rather than the things that cause me more anxiety. 

My Notes Gratitude Journal
  1. Focus on the present moment 

This is something that I still struggle with, but I do know that when I try to do this I feel a lot calmer. One main way I do this is while I’m sitting at work, I’ll take a moment to focus on feeling grounded. I do this by focusing on my feet. Dr. Judson A. Brewer describes exactly what to do, 

“Take a moment to focus on your feet. You can do this standing or sitting, with your feet on the ground. How do they feel? Are they warm or cold? Are they tingly? Moist or dry? Wiggle your toes. Feel the soles of your feet. Feel your heels connecting with your shoes and the ground beneath you.”

Parker-pope, Tara. “Peak Anxiety? Here Are 10 Ways to Calm Down.” The New York Times. The New York Times, 02 Nov. 2020. Web. 16 Nov. 2020.

This helps me stay present at work and at home whenever I take a moment to reground myself to that moment. 

  1. Take a moment for me 

Speaking of moments, taking a moment for yourself can make a world of difference when it comes to anxiety. Now I know we’ve all heard of self-care go tos (like wearing face masks and having a spa night), but what I am talking about is the self-care that will really help your mental health. Two major things that I have been doing is taking walks and spending time reading books. Whenever I take the time to do these I always feel a bit more like myself and a lot more motivated for the rest of my day.

  1. Plan fun activities to look forward to 

Now I am not meaning to plan big parties or hangouts because now is a time when we need to be safer than ever, but planning little events to look forward can make life seem a little more normal. My husband and I do this by planning nice indoor date nights. One week we planned to have a sundae night where we made big ice cream sundaes and had a movie night with star wars. It was a fun activity that got us excited to be finished with work that day and really helped elevate our week.

I hope some of these ideas will help alleviate some of your anxiety during these tough times, but I understand that these will not help everyone. Please comment below what you do to help during the stressful times. Also if you try any of these things don’t forget to tag me on Instagram because I would love to see! Thanks for reading and stay safe.

Quote came from this article. Feel free to give it a read!

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