Why you should take more breaks

This is your sign to take a spontaneous day trip to run away from your problems. 

I’m kidding, kinda. 

Sometimes when problems arise, I try to face them head on but then get overwhelmed which then leads to procrastination. This might lead to the work never getting done or being rushed at the very last minute which isn’t great

I did this very thing two weeks ago actually. I had a big assignment in my communication class that was due and I decided I was going to get it over with. I opened up the rubric and started searching for the different articles I needed, but there were so many that I got extremely overwhelmed. That then led to me going back and forth from staring at my computer screen to scrolling through my phone. My night then turned into a very panicked night of me rushing to put things together in order to get it turned in on time. 

I learned that when this happens, instead of forcing myself to work, I need to take a full break from whatever I am working on. The other day that meant taking a day trip to see some bison with my husband. Sometimes it means taking a walk for a few minutes or to work on a different project. 

Once I take that full break from a problem or project and come back to it, I’m more motivated to continue working! Doing this allows you to look at that project with fresh eyes; and during that break you might even think of some new ideas!

One thing I want to mention is that scrolling on your phone or watching a show are risky breaks. The reasons why are one, you are not really giving your mind a full break to reset, and two, it can be very hard to stop once you start. I think we’ve all been there when you decided to start watching a show only to then realize hours later that you’ve binge-watched the whole season; I for one am guilty of that. To make sure that your break is helpful to the project you need a break from rather than another procrastination tactic, I would try to go outside or go to a new place. This will help you have a fresh start when you come back to your project.

I hope this helps you the next time you feel frustrated on a new project. I also wanted to let you know that from now on I will be posting every Wednesday! I am excited to start hearing from you all every week! Also if you want more daily updates make sure to check out my instagram.

I hope you all have a great week and I’ll see you Wednesday!

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