5 Last-Minute Valentine Date Ideas

Need some last-minute date ideas before Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry! Here is a Covid friendly list of some fun and cute Valentine dates (or some fun things to do for galentines day 😉 ).

  1. Paint together!

My first day with my husband was painting together and I thought it was so much fun! You can pull up a bob ross tutorial on youtube and chat while making mini masterpieces. When my husband and I did this they didn’t turn out amazing, but we still have them hung up in our home and love looking back at that memory. 

We really tried our best haha
  1. Try the #targetchallenge

Trying the #targetChallenge is the perfect valentine’s day date! Both of you head to target and pick out this list of items for each other without your date’s help. 

  • Something with their favorite color
  • Their favorite snack
  • Something that reminds you of them
  • Something you think they should try
  • Something you think they need
  • A surprise gift

After your trip, you surprise each other with gifts! It’s such a fun time, plus you get to laugh at some of the crazy things they find for you. 

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  1. Cook something new together. 

This has become my and my husband’s favorite date night. Picking out a new recipe to try together is something that we’ve absolutely loved. Plus, at the end of the night, you get to celebrate making a super tasty meal together!

From when we made some homemade pad thai
  1. Sundae Game Night!

With Valentine’s Day being on Sunday this year, why not make some sundaes! Get some of your favorite ice cream and toppings from the store and make some yummy treats together! Then pair your sundaes with a fun activity. We always like to eat ours while playing one of our favorite board games!

  1. The ultimate binge watch

Time to get cozy! Turn your living room into the cozy den and binge-watch some of your favorite shows or movies. We did this during the beginning of quarantine and watched all the marvel movies. It was so much fun plus we were all ready for when WandaVision came out. Don’t forget to bring some popcorn!

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s day! Let me know in the comments your favorite date night ideas. Let’s share the love!

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