My 6 favorite moments of Marriage (so far)

It’s been a whole six months since I got married to Mac! It’s been so fun to be with my best friend every day and I wanted to share with you my favorite moments we’ve had over these past 6 months. 

  1. We had the perfect wedding day, despite Covid-19

Our wedding day was incredible despite all the changes that had to be made to have a safe wedding day. We were so happy we could have our close friends and loved ones there and that everyone had a fun and safe time. It’s always going to be interesting looking back at those photos with everyone wearing masks, but it was such a fun day! 

  1. We went blueberry picking near my childhood cabin!

I don’t know why, but this has become one of my favorite memories! Blueberry season was pretty much over by the time we went, but the farm owner let us explore the fields and I am so grateful he did. It was so fun to have a spontaneous adventure all by ourselves. Plus the views were incredible! It was exactly what we would both want on a perfect day. 

  1. We made our little apartment into a home

I love decorating, but when I was living in our apartment by myself I never found the time during work and wedding planning. It was so fun to get our first couch and start making it home! I remember how excited I was putting together the bookcase and getting to show off Mac’s travels and all of my books together. This little apartment has such a sweet place in my heart and I’m going to miss it when we move later this year. 

Our Halloween decorations
  1. All of our long walks around the city

With quarantine, we’ve been slowly turning into an old couple. We’ve been getting tired at 9:30, eating early dinners and now we take hour-long walks around the neighborhood. It’s something that  I’ve loved doing and now it’s an activity that I look forward to. Taking walks lets us have an excuse to talk about our days and enjoy the parks around Salt Lake. If you are looking for something to do during this time I highly recommend a good walk. It brings you outdoors and gives you something to look forward to during the week. 

  1. Getting to go to the Latter-Day Saint Temple

Mac and I are both members of the Latter-Day Saint church and so getting to go into the temple together was something that we both were looking forward to. That day was so special to me and Mac and we were so grateful we were able to go once they started reopening! It was incredible to have our closest family and friends there and to have a very calm day after.

If you want to learn more about Latter-Day Saint temples head here:

  1. Being able to geek out!

I am so grateful I married someone who is down to watch Star Wars and Lord of the Rings with me. It’s so fun getting excited about new shows and watching breakdowns. I’ve also loved playing Lego Star Wars and having the best time! 

Being married is something that I’ve absolutely loved. It is amazing to wake up and hang out with your best friend every day! I’m so excited for what these next few months of our lives are going to bring. From moving to a brand new city to maybe adding a new furry addition to the family, it’s going to be an incredible year!

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